Tour guide in Barcelona: Elisabet

Tour guide in Barcelona. I am a Barcelonian, born and raised in the city in a large family all settled in the same region. I graduated in Tourism and in Geography at the University Autonomic of Barcelona. I enjoy outdoors activities and I am hiking since I was 7 years old with my parents and a scout’s group. I’ve spent my childhood with my family always close, we are 4 sibblings, and exploring villages and hills on my region. I am passionate about travelling and by now I’ve already visited 20 countries around the world.

When I was in my early 20s I lived in England, working in a small hotel in Devonshire in order to improve my language skills. Later I worked in southern France, in the region of Provence. Finally I spent few more months in Germany, at Baden-Baden in Swarzwald. Back to Spain, I have spent more than 10 years working in commercial and logistics departments, consulting several companies for the export of their articles. My challenge for the 21st century was though to turn my career into Tourism and to find a more social job. I’ve been working as a private guide in Barcelona since then, more than 10 years ago, and I consider myself already an expert guide. I’ll love to explain you about the gossips and anecdotes, but also about the history, traditions and art styles on sites. I am quite proud to welcome people from around the world but also rediscover with locals our city. I consider the best tour is the one tailored for each traveler and always after the personal preferences. On the other hand, I also recommend discovering some of the main sites beyond Barcelona.

Now I actually enjoy much more the traditional activities in Spain: sun, sand and beaches, wines and good –slow- food, theater and street venues…  So I actually love discussing, meeting others and sharing my interests with people from around the world.

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